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What are you waiting for?

Hello everyone,

Are you living your best life?  Reaching your goals? Daring to dream?  If not, what are you waiting for?  Life has complications, time is not going to slow down, there will be rejection, the kids may have come expectantly, there will be sacrifice can do it! 

  • No matter how old or young you are. 
  • No matter how many times it has not worked before. 
  • No matter if no one believes you.
  • No matter if you have no money to kick it off 
Don't Wait for Opportunity.jpg

Please trust and believe that I am talking to myself as well as you.  The thought that keeps ringing in my ears is "Use what you have", so I am listening and doing with this plan:

  • Pray
  • Form a creative team
  • Write new songs
  • Ask for help
  • Stop allowing "done" to be the enemy of "perfect"
  • Create a monthly calendar with tasks that includes steps to reach the goal
  • Execute the tasks
  • Take time to celebrate small victories
  • Forgive myself and extend grace when I don't feel like I am winning or have done well
  • Move out of the way for God to work

What about you? It's time to go for it.  What are you doing to reach your dreams and goals?

It's Time, let's go!