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Wisdom Wednesday - A word from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Hello everyone,

February celebrates two things that I love.  Love with Valentine's Day and Black History Month as a time to remember and reflect on contributions from our ancestors and those making history today.  It made me smile to find this quote today.  A statement on love from the great Dr. King.

MLK Love_quote.jpg

"Love is the only force capable of transforming and enemy into a friend".  

Let's love each other deeply.



Friday Feeling - New music edition

Hello Everyone!

I am so excited to write this post today.  As you may know, I am releasing new music in August and today my Friday feeling is my brand new song Superman.  

Superman is a song that I wrote for my father Vernon, the song “Superman” brings to light the inevitable circumstances of aging parents and how this affects those dearest to us. 


April 2017 - Family and friend, celebrating Dad's 70th Birthday

April 2017 - Family and friend, celebrating Dad's 70th Birthday

Since this is happening in my life now, I had to write a song about it. My goal was to deliver it in a lighthearted way that translates the sense of the hope and everlasting love that I have for my Dad even though this is a challenging time.  

Music heals!  Please take care and take time for those you love.