Latrice McGlothin

Songwriter/Recording Artist/Performer

You Were Meant to Soar!

Hey Everybody,

This quote gave me life today. It challenges me to be true to who I know I am meant to be.

To not be afraid: to make mistakes, to be a beginner, to worry about what others may think and to try again (and again) when things don’t go as planed.

  • How many situations have I consented to creep when I should have been soaring?

  • How much time has been wasted listening to haters when I had a different idea of what was best for me?

I don’t know all of the answers to the tasks ahead of me but, I am committed to the process and have decided to enjoy the journey.

Spring is here. Let’s take the way of the caterpillar and do the work to become our own beautiful butterfly. I can’t wait to see your wings and hear of your success.