Latrice McGlothin

Songwriter/Recording Artist/Performer

#MotivationMonday - First they ignore you...then you win!

Hello everyone,

Happy Monday!  Yes, its a new week to consider your choices, navigate your path and step forward boldly.  

So many times as a entrepreneur, leader and teacher the dreams and visions that I have are misunderstood, not believed, challenged, ridiculed and brushed off.  I have had to learn to be selective in my sharing, to pray and nurture my thoughts and ideas until I felt proud of them, am ready to share and then let them fly.

First they ignore you...then you win.jpg

This quote adequately describes the process of bringing something to life from thought/inception and development to roll-out and presentation.

No matter what phase you are in, your dreams are uniquely yours and you know how the story ends.

Let's have a productive week.