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#WisdomWednesday - Why fit in? Stand out!

Hi Everyone,

Today I saw this quote and was reminded of my childhood spending many nights reading Dr. Seuss books, dreaming dreams of tall tales and great feats. Enjoying the fun colorful characters, wonderful quirky humor and unforgettable cadence of rhyme woven throughout.

Great Dr. Seuss Quote

Great Dr. Seuss Quote

Plain and simple "be yourself".  Somewhere in between childhood and adult life, our journey can overwhelm and tempt us to care about "what we look like", "who likes us", "if I am ______ enough" and a zillion other obstacles....At the end of the day Who really cares?

You may need to hone your craft, go back to school, stand in your truth and/or be rejected many times as you pitch your idea(s) but don't look back or conform because no one can see your vision.  When YOU believe it then you can see it.