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#Motivation Monday - Winter memories

Hello everyone,

Wilkinson Sisters growing up in Milwaukee

Wilkinson Sisters growing up in Milwaukee

As I look at the calendar and see that it is the end of December - a smile comes to my face as I think back to the cold and snowy days of winter in Wisconsin. I remember vividly the crunch of fresh white snow under my feet as I crossed the street from my home to catch the bus to school. A walking snowman with boots sometimes ski pants, winter jacket, gloves, mittens over the gloves, hat and a hood. There is no time to act cute, when the bitter cold that we affectionately called the “hawk” was waiting outside to greet you.

The anticipation of being off for at least two weeks for the holiday season was amazing! Days and days playing, making fun holiday treats and visiting relatives was just around the corner. Not to mention the big surprises that would come under the tree on Christmas Day.

We had a large front lawn so, it was often that my siblings and I would go out and each take the space in the snow, lay on our backs and it creates know angels, Then run into the house and up the stairs to our big picture window where we would look out and see whose was the best.

Ahhh, so nice to take a trip down that memory lane. A moment where time seemed to stand still.

May your Winter season be filled with warm moments. Merry Christmas!



Merry Christmas from the McGlothins

Merry Christmas from the McGlothins